Utah offers a very diverse climate for rail fanning and railroad photography. Many times, while surfing the internet I have come across request for info about various Utah locations and other information related to rail fanning in the state of Utah. These requests for information have led me to compiling this website to try and help rail fans gain the knowledge that they are after.

UC Rail is dedicated to providing Utah Centered Railroad information. Browsing through the pages you will find:

  • Rosters of the unique equipment that calls Utah home.
  • Symbol Glossary that offers translations of what the origination/destination codes mean. Also features here is a list of symbols that run in or pass through Utah and the subdivisions that they can be found on.
  • Utah Railfan Guides with basic info on subdivisions (radio frequencies, etc.), background information on locations, detailed timetables, and maps.
  • Rail Blog that focuses in on my rail fanning adventures in Utah with the hope that the pictures provide some ideas of locations to try out for those who plan on visiting the great state of Utah.

This is a massive undertaking and it will take time for the site to contain all the information that will be useful for rail fanning in Utah. Check back often to see what has been added. Also we are open to suggestions on information that will enhance the rail fanning experience in Utah.

-Spencer Peterson
Founder of UC Rail

Most Recent Updates


This latest update has been in the works for awhile now and it is finally ready. More information is on the way for this site to make it the best site for railfans in the state of Utah.
What's new:

  • Updated look for the pages
  • Rosters have been updated and several have been added
  • Timetables for every subdivision have been added with more detailed ones on the way with in the next few months
  • Timetables are mobile friendly now


Utah Train Symbols
The layout has been updated to load better on phones. Also some information has been updated.
Union Pacific Symbols
Page had been redesigned to load better.


Utah Train Symbols
List has been updated and more info on the locals/yard jobs has been added.
Shafter Sub Timetable
Detailed timetable has been added.
Ogden Sub Timetable
Detailed timetable has been added.
Evanston Sub Timetable
Detailed timetable has been added.